Rediscovering the nature of learning

Are human beings born as empty vessels?  Are we born with 'learning tools' or 'learning features'? What natural talents or 'equipment' imbued us with the ability to learn? …… Can we 'program' ourselves?

The Potential of New Media and Inclusive Education

I recently attended the New Media in Education  Fiesta in June 20-23,
2011  organized by Innova Junior College’s Centre of Excellence for New
Media ( and  supported by the  Media Development Authority (MDA).

What does a student do when she is a game designer

I taught students to design Handheld Augmented Reality Games a
few times since 2005. Every time I was thrilled by how students became
alive when they were designers and gamers.  Designers and gamers are
presumably closer to inquirers than students, IMHO.

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