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Chen Wenli

Associate Professor
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(65) 67903285

Dr Chen Wenli is an Associate Professor with the Learning Sciences and Technology (LST) Academic Group at the National Institute of Education (NIE) of Singapore. Her research interests include computer supported collaborative learning, mobile learning, computer-mediated communication and ubiquitous learning environment. She has led a number of national scale research projects and published more than 50 papers on international peer-reviewed journals. She won "Young Researcher Leader Award 2011" from Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education (APSCE). She has won 7 Best Paper Awards in international conferences. Before joining NTU and NIE, she was a journalist with the Xinhua News Agency in China and won several "Best Story" Awards. 

Selected Publications:

Journal Papers:

Chen,W., Lee, C., Tan, A., Wettesinghe, M., & Wong, P. (2012). From device centric to people centric ubiquitous computing: Pre-Service Teachers Using Technology across spaces. Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning, 7(1), 45-60.[Full Text]<

Chen,W., Ho, J.M, & Ng, F.S.D. (2013). School Leadership in ICT Implementation: Perspectives from Singapore. Asia-Pacific Education Researcher [SSCI], Doi: 10.1007/s40299-012-0055-8.
[Full Text]

Wen, Y., Looi, C. K., & Chen, W. (2012). Supporting Teachers in Designing CSCL Activities: A Case Study of Principle-based Pedagogical Patterns in Networked Second Language Classrooms. Educational Technology and Society  [SSCI], 15(2), 138-153. [Full Text]

Toh, Y., So, H.J., Seow, P., Chen, W., & Looi,C.K. (2012) .Seamless learning in the Mobile Age: A Theoretical and Methodological Discussion on Using Cooperative Inquiry to Study Digital Kids on-the-Move. Learning, Media and Technology  [SSCI]. [Abstract]

Sha, L., Looi, C.K, Chen, W, Seow, P, & Wong, L.H. (2012). Recognizing and measuring self-regulated learning in a mobile learning environment. Computers in Human Behavior [SSCI], 28, 718-728. [Abstract]

 Sha, L., Looi, C.K., Chen, W., & Zhang, B.H. (2012). Understanding Mobile Learning from the Perspective of Self-Regulated Learning. Accepted by Journal of Computer Assisted Learning [SSCI]. [Abstract]

 Song, Y., Chen, W. & Looi, C.K. (2012). A Collaborative Professional Development Model for Rapid Collaborative Knowledge Improvement in Singapore Schools. The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, 21(1), 15-27. [SSCI]. [Full Text]

Chen, W., Looi, C.K., & Xie, W. (2011). A Design Research on Collaborative Learning Enabled by GroupScribbles. China Educational Technology, 11, 1-9.

Chen, W., Lim, C., & Tan, A. (2011). From Many-to-One to One-to-Many: The Evolution of Ubiquitous Computing in Education. Educational Technology, 51(1), 21-25. [Abstract]

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Boticki, I., So., H. J., Toh, Y., Chen, W., & Seow, P. (2011). ColInq: A system for collaborative inquiry learning with mobile devices. International Journal of Robots, Education and Art, 1(2), 10-22. [Full Text]

Looi, C.K., So, H.J., Toh, Y. & Chen, W. (2011). The Singapore experience: Synergy of national policy, classroom practice and design research. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning. 6(1), 9-37. [Abstract] [Full Text]

Looi, C.K., Zhang, B.H., Chen W., Seow, P. & Chia, G. (2011). 1:1 mobile inquiry learning experience for primary science students: A study of learning effectiveness. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning [SSCI],27, 269–287. [Abstract]

Deng, F. Chen, W., Chai, C.S., & Qian, Y.Y. (2011). Constructivist-oriented Data-logging Activities in Chinese Chemistry Classroom: Enhancing Students’ Conceptual Understanding and Their Metacognition . The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher [SSCI], 20(2), 207-221. [Full Text]

Wong, L.H., Chen, W., Chai, C.S., Gao, P., & Chin, C.K. (2011). A Blended Collaborative Writing Approach for Chinese L2 Students. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 27(7), 1208-1226. [SSCI]. [Full Text]

Wong, L.H., Chen, W., & Jan, M.F. (2011). How Artefacts Mediate Small Group Co-Creation Activities in a Mobile-Assisted Seamless Language Learning Environment?  Journal of Computer Assisted Learning [SSCI]. [Abstract]

Chen, W., & Looi,C.K. (2010). What do Students do in a F2F CSCL Classroom?  The Optimization of Multiple Communications Modes. Computers & Education [SSCI], 55(3), 1159-1170. [Abstract]

Chen, W. (2010). Internet Usage Patterns of Immigrants in the Process of Intercultural Adaptation. CyberPsychology, Behavior & Social Networking [SSCI], 13. DOI: 10.1089 = cpb.2009.0249 [ Abstract ]

Chen, W., Seow, P., So, H.J., Toh, Y, & Looi, C.K. (2010). Connecting learning spaces using mobile technology.Educational Technology, 50(5), 45-50. [Abstract]

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Looi, C.K. & Chen, W. (2010). Community-based Individual Knowledge Construction in the Classroom: A Process-Oriented Account. To appear in Journal of Computer Assisted Learning [SSCI]. [ Abstract ]

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Chen, W., & Looi C.K. (2007). Incorporating online discussion in face to face classroom learning: A new blended learning approach. Australasian Journal of Educational Research [SSCI], 23(3), 308-327. [ Abstract ] [ Full Paper ]

Book and Book Chapter:

Chen, W. (2008). Internet and the Socialization of Immigrants. Wen Jin Tang Publishing house.Taiwan: Taipei.

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Looi, C. K., Lim W. Y., & Chen W. (2008). Communities of practice for continuing professional development in the Twenty-first Century. In Voogt, J., & Knezek,G. (Eds.), International Handbook of Information Technology in Primary and Secondary Education (pp. 489-502). NewYork: Springer.


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