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Hung Wei Loong David

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Dr. David Hung is Associate Dean of the Office of Educational Research and Professor of the Learning Sciences at the National Institute of Education.

Prof. Hung received his doctorate from the National University of Singapore in 1997. He pursued his Master's Degree in Computing at Monash University (Australia) in 1993 and his Bachelor of Science degree at Carleton University (Canada) in 1985. He also obtained a  Postgraduate Diploma from the Nanyang Technological University in 1998.

Research Interests
With a socio-cultural orientation to learning, Prof Hung advances teaching and research interests in cognition and communities of practice. His publications over the past seven years consider such topics as  learning and instructional technologies, constructivism and social constructivism, and learning in communities of practice among others. In 2004, he helped launch Learning Sciences Lab, which organized a collaborative and synergistic research centre at the crossroads of interactive digital media and student-centred learning. Prof Hung's publications are internationally known, and he is well recognised in the learning sciences and educational technology communities at home in Singapore and abroad.

Professional Contributions
Prof Hung has served as Contributing or Associate Editor for several well-read international academic publications in the learning sciences field such as Educational Technology, and  has served as a  journal reviewer for various well established international academic journals. Prof Hung is also an honorary consultant to the Educational Technology Division, Ministry of Education, and a consultant and instructional strategies trainer for the Ministry of Defence.


Leveraging Online Communities in Fostering Adaptive Schools

Hung, D., Lim, K., Chen, D. & Koh, T.S. (2008). Leveraging Online Communities in Fostering Adaptive Schools. International Journal of Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning, 3, 373-386.

Context-process authenticity in learning: implications for identity enculturation and boundary crossing

Hung, W. L. & Chen, D. (2006). Context-process authenticity in learning: Implications for identity enculturation.. Educational Technology Research & Development.

Situativity, Vygotksy, and CoP: Implications for E-Learning

Hung, D. W. L., & Chen, D. T. (2001). Situated Cognition, Vygotskian Thought and Learning from the Communities of Practice Perspective: Implications for the Design of Web-Based E-Learning. Educational Media International, 38, 1, 3-12.

Activity, Apprenticeship, and Epistemological Appropriation: Implications From the Writings of Michael Polanyi

Hung, D. (1999). Activity, Apprenticeship, and Epistemological Appropriation: Implications from the writings of Michael Polanyi. Educational Psychologist, 34(4), 193-205.


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