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Glocalizing Quest Atlantis: Co-designing game-based learning with teachers and students in, through, and for online communities

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Glocalizing Quest Atlantis
Project status: 
Completed project

Project Overview

Glocalizing Quest Atlantis explores how Singapore's education system can engage the collective and collaborative architectures of twenty-first
century organizations and digital media resources. Working in collaboration with Indiana University, we use a virtual environments called Quest Atlantis to create opportunities for classrooms to literally play with academic concepts. The project enables individuals and classroom communities to rethink how the local and global relate, and the accompanying new possibilities for more integrated and certainly less isolated learning experiences.

Research Overview

The project builds on a series of design studies conducted in the USA and Singapore. Initial work used the Quest Atlantis virtual environment to develop the idea of "situative embodiment", and to establish whether and how it impacts learning in classroom and school communities. Learning Sciences Lab's completed project Leveling Up replicated the success of the US studies in three Singapore secondary school classrooms (ages 11-15) using an existing water quality unit that unfolds in a Taiga biome. 

Designing "Uniquely Singaporean" Missions in Quest Atlantis

Glocalizing Quest Atlantis is working in partnership with local secondary school teachers and specialists from the Ministry of Education's Educational Technology Division in order to develop geography missions in Quest Atlantis.

Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.

Project Team: 
Principal Investigator
Research Associate

B.A.Hons. (Cal.U)
Ph.D.(NUS, Sing)

Research Interests
Humid Tropical Geomorphology

Kalyani Chatterjea

Geography Collaborator
Ministry of Education Collaborator

Mr. Lo brings years of experience in Singapore school teacher to the Educational Technology Division of the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Kent Lo

Ministry of Education Collaborator

Digitizing Scientific Boundaries

Zuiker, S. J. (2010). Digitizing scientific boundaries. In Y. J. Lee (Ed.), Science Education Research in Asia (pp. 277-298). Taipei: Sense.

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