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IDM Future School Project: Towards Pervasive Pedagogical Practices and Learning in the 21st Century (CN-ECT for Language Learning)

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SST IDM Project (CN-ECT for Language Learning)
Project status: 
Current project

This project will enable Singapore educators to achieve first-hand experience with the implementation of knowledge building for language learning in networked classroom mediated by an educational collaboration technology (ECT) – GroupScribbles (GS). The driving research questions include:

  1. How effective language use and understanding can be fostered through communication and collaboration over CN-ECT like Group Scribbles (GS)? Towards this, we want to explore a theory of language learning mediated by digital media, and that comprises elements of Face-to-Face (F2F) communication as well as digital communication.
  2. How effective collaboration activities and patterns can be designed to support language learning in an applied way? We want to design and develop a repertoire of collaborative games and activities that foster language learning, and that can interleave both EL and CL learning.
  3. How to further inform the design of GS in terms of new or extended software functionalities that aid language learning in the classroom?
Project Team: 
Principal Investigator
Co-Principal Investigator
Research Assistant
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